Stix and Circles Fence and Deck Railing

The conceptualization of Stix and Circles was inspired from the game “pick-up-sticks” that I would play as a young boy.  The stix of the iron art where laid out in a random pattern just like the game would have a pile of sticks.  I added in the circles and the balls to break up all the straight.  I first designed and created the fence pieces and then the railing was done at a later date.

Stix and Circles Fence 5Stix and Circles Fence 4Stix and Circles Fence   Stix and Circles Fence 3 Stix and Circles Deck Railing28472795976_fee8fe1c8e_o 27888234204_9856aeb090_o 28504689135_77a6c5e51f_o


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