STIX Sculptural Coat Rack

My STIX Sculptural Coat Rack has found a new home to hold the coats, bag and umbrella’s of many fine people in a law office in Toronto, Ontario.

The inspiration for the STIX Coat rack came when I was thinking of a coat rack design that would be a sculpture on it’s own and could be changed up to allow it to have a new look any time it was desired by the owner.¬† This led to the iron STIX being designed to slide in and out of iron tube slots in the base so each one can be moved around or just spun 45, 90, 180 or whatever degree you want.

The base had to have enough weight to allow heavy jackets to be slung on the STIX so river rock was added to the design to create a heavy base that has a beautiful texture.  It also absorbs any water that may come off the umbrellas  when they are sitting in the coils.


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