Stair railing transformation

Converting your old wood railing to an amazing iron art railing is a simple 5 step process. As an example I had a client in Minnesota who was renovating their home and wanted to transform their old stair railing and upper floor railing into a look that was unique to them and their amazing living space.

Stair Railing

Step 1 was the client contacted me to inquire about my BENT Iron Art Railing design for their home and then sent me a few photos of their current railing in the home to give me an idea of what we were looking at. This is what the stair railing looked like before.

old stair railing

Step 2 – After the clients stair contractor put in the stairs and wood handrail I was sent the needed measurement request for all the spaces. After receiving the measurements I reviewed them with the client on the phone.

Step 3 – Once all the details were clear I then created my BENT Iron Art Railing to the exact dimensions.

Step 4 – The metal railing was coated in a textured black powder coat that the client chose and it was then crated and shipped from my studio to Minnesota.

Step 5 – The BENT Iron Art Railing pieces were installed easily by the client. Here is what it looked like after everything was installed.

stair railing April 2020 Pic 1
stair railing April 2020 Pic 2

Main Floor Stair Well

The old main floor railing was very much like the stair railing in look and feel and it was also destined for a change. Here is what the main floor railing looked like before the transformation

old stair well railing
stairwell railing April 2020 Pic 1
stairwell railing April 2020 Pic 3

You can transform your old railing into a new amazing look using my BENT Iron Art Railing. Contact me by clicking here.

This project was from January 2020

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