DIY Outdoor Table

Wouldn’t you simply love to create a piece that is made by your very own hands? Something you can be proud of and use daily? Using these 4 EASY STEPS you can build a DIY Outdoor Table that will make your friends and family say wow!

The DIY Package Comes With

  • (5) 1 x 8 S4S pine in 72″ length
  • (1) Package of 3/4″ wood screws
  • (2) metal art table base legs from Cam Harris Art
DIY outdoor table package

Step 1

Order my DIY Outdoor Table package. You have the option to choose the powder coat color for the metal table legs and the stain color of the wood. Once you order the package I will contact you to arrange your color choices.

Gather all the pieces listed above that are in the package and have them on hand in a space big enough for the 3′ x 6′ finished table. Also make sure that you have a Robertson screw driver to attach the wood top. It would be a good idea to get a friend so they can help you hold the legs in place if needed. You can always bribe them with a delicious BBQ dinner that you will eat at your DIY Outdoor Table when it is done.

metal table legs iron art

Step 2

Set up the metal table legs at the distance that you prefer for your table. Measure them from inside to inside on each outer edge to make sure the table is evenly spaced. A trick to make sure the base is squared up is to measure from corner to corner. These measurements should be the same to make the base square. To see how to do this watch this video.

metal table legs

Step 3

Lay out the pine S4S boards so the side edge has a 2″ overhang from the edge of the legs and the overhang at the ends are equal based on where you placed the legs.

building DIY Outdoor Table

Repeat this for all five boards, if you prefer to have a gap then use a nickel or quarter to make sure you have equal spacing.

outdoor table
patio table

Step 4

Using the supplied wood screws to attach each board to the legs. Screwing in by hand will ensure that they are not over tightened.

attach wood top with screws

Yay You Are Done Your DIY Outdoor Table

Congratulations you now have your very own beautiful DIY outdoor table!  It is time to send out the dinner invites and decorate your patio table so you can begin to make those cherished memories with friends and family as you sit around the table on those long warm summer evenings.  Enjoy. 

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