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Spider web closeupThe Functional Art and Inspirational Sculptures of Cam Harris.

My art is inspired as I look all around me and see the heavens and the earth that were created by the one true God who is the original artist.  As Dante Alighieri said “nature is the art of God”.

Every piece of art that you discover here are my original artistic creations.  I have been creating art for over 20 years.

My passion for creating art started the first time I began bending and twisting iron to make my first piece of iron art.  As the years have passed the passion for my art has advanced to combining iron with wood, glass, stone and concrete. Each of these materials possess their own unique character, depth and texture, and by combining these materials original art is born.  The characteristics of these materials vary greatly from piece to piece. Each design I create begins in my mind and is worked out through my hands and tools

My studio is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I ship my art to clients worldwide.


Each piece I create is shown here and if a piece is sold you can still CONTACT ME to commission your own art piece.