BENT Iron Art Railing FAQ

metal railing Billick Project 4

I have found that clients have similar questions about my BENT Iron Art Railing and so I created this BENT Iron Art Railing FAQ page with the hopes that it may answer a question you may have.  If you still cannot find the answer to your question then please contact me.

What kind of finish is on the iron art?

The linear foot price includes powder coating, your choices can be seen by clicking here.

Where do you ship to and what is the cost?

I ship all over North America. Shipping is free for clients who live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but is an additional cost for anyone outside my local area. Shipping cost will depend on crate dimensions. You are responsible for any duties or fees that may occur when it crosses the border into the US. At this point there is no duty or taxes on my iron art.

Once I know how many pieces are needed and the dimensions I can get a shipping estimate for you. I use a shipping broker in order to get the best shipping rate.

What dimensions do the rails come in?

The sections can be made in whatever dimensions you need although I recommend not making pieces longer than 10 feet.

Does this design meet local building code?

When creating this design I use a 4″ metal ball to ensure that no space is bigger than the 4″ gap allowed by local building codes. The height of the railing will depend on your local building code so I will communicate with you to determine the railing height you require.

How long will it take to make my pieces?

The timeline of each commission will depend on the client commissions that I am currently working on. Prior to placing your commission order I will let you know the approximate turnaround time for your commission.

How does payment work?

When I am ready to begin a commission the client pays 50% (excluding shipping) and once payment is made the work begins. When the commission is complete the balance plus shipping is requested and once that payment is made the iron art is shipped.

How do I commission Iron Art pieces?

If you are ready to move ahead and commission some of my iron art then I require an email stating your intent. Once I have received that I place your commission in the order cue. Once I am ready to begin your commission then I send a payment request for the deposit (see How does payment work above).

If you still cannot find the answer to your question on this BENT Iron Art Railing FAQ page then please contact me.

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