BENT Iron Railing Flagstaff AZ Project

If you are looking for a unique railing idea, here is my BENT Iron railing design for the Flagstaff, AZ project in a home that I did in May 2019.

I fabricated my BENT iron railing sections based on the dimensions provided by the client.  It has a tube top rail and a flat iron bottom rail so that it could be attached to the wood floor trim. This gives extra strength and security for the railing. A metal post was fabricated for the middle to make the look continuous and a small custom gate was created for top of the stair section.

Flagstaff, AZ project pic 2
Railing idea Flagstaff, AZ project pic 3

Once everything was created, powder coated and crated it was shipped to Flagstaff, AZ for the client to easily install themselves.

My creations are made from 1/2 inch solid round mild steel and I hand bend it while the steel is cold.  Through multiple layers of welding and grinding at the points where the iron intersects itself, a seamless piece is created.  Each piece of art is then laid out so that no 2 pieces are the same. This gives you one of a kind pieces of functional iron art to enhance your living space.

All of my railing is priced per linear foot and includes a powder coat finish of your choice, click here to see what colors are available. If you have questions or want to learn more about my railing designs click here.

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