Stix and Circles Metal Railing

Stix and Circles Metal Railing 1

The Stix and Circles Metal Railing reminds me of the game “pick-up-sticks” that I would play as a young boy. The stix (yes I know it is sticks) of the iron art are laid out in a random pattern just like the game would have a pile of sticks. I added in the circles and the balls to break up all the straight lines and to keep the railings within the 4″ sphere railing code. I first created this as a fence for a client and then the railing was done at a later date.

Railings add the needed security and can transform the look and feeling of your deck and so the design should reflect your own style and that of your outdoor home decor.

Each metal railing section is built to the dimensions you need. The price includes your choice of powder coat colors that can be viewed here and once you have purchased your iron art pieces we will contact you to book your color choice.

Stix and Circles 2
Stix and Circles 3
Stix and Circles Metal Railing Close Up