People will sometimes ask me, what do you mean by functional art?  It is simply art that enriches your life and living environment that also has a function like a table, chair, bench, headboard, wine rack and so much more.  When I see a wall at the head of a bed I see a blank canvas for a piece of art to be on the wall where most people spend a good part of their lives.

You can have one of a kind, hand made functional art piece that is as unique as you.  Many people have done just that and my functional art now resides in many homes and businesses across North America.

My passion for iron art started the first time I began bending and twisting it to make my first piece of iron art over 25 years ago.  As the years have passed the passion for my art has advanced to combining iron with wood, glass, stone and concrete. Each of these materials possess their own unique character, depth and texture, and by combining these materials original art is born.

I invite you to take a look through my website and view the functional art and inspired sculptures I have created and am currently creating.  To get the inside preview of pieces that I am working on and first access to them subscribe to my updates here.