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There is a tree growing through the house, in fact there are two!

Sigi Koko, the Principal of Down To Earth Design contacted me to create a railing that would compliment and accommodate a home that had a couple of trees growing through it.  Naturally my BENT Iron Art railing was the way to go. Seen here in these photos my BENT Iron Art railing intersects with the […]


Take A Boring Wood Gate And Make It Amazing With Whimsical Iron Art

Instead of having a boring wood gate like everybody else in the neighborhood you can make your garden gate amazing by adding my whimsical iron art to the front of it. How do you do it?  Take any wood gate and simply attach my iron art to the front with a set of screws and […]


Whimsical Iron Art Garden Gate

Enter through this whimsical iron art gate and see what wonderful delights and beauty wait on the other side.  Maybe you will find Alice having tea with the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and Dormouse.  Imagine this or another sculptured iron art gate being your enchanted portal to your garden oasis. Price $760.00 plus shipping […]


BENT Iron Art Pigeon Lake Commission

Here is my BENT artisan railing design used inside and outside a cabin at Pigeon Lake Alberta.  The client commissioned the BENT Iron Art railings for the interior first and once they where installed the exterior iron art was created for railings around the deck.     Exterior Deck Save Save Save Save Save Save


Stix and Circles Fence and Deck Railing

The conceptualization of Stix and Circles was inspired from the game “pick-up-sticks” that I would play as a young boy.  The stix of the iron art where laid out in a random pattern just like the game would have a pile of sticks.  I added in the circles and the balls to break up all […]