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Take A Boring Wood Gate And Make It Amazing With Whimsical Iron Art

Instead of having a boring wood gate like everybody else in the neighborhood you can make your garden gate amazing by adding my whimsical iron art to the front of it. How do you do it?  Take any wood gate and simply attach my iron art to the front with a set of screws and […]


Reclaimed pine with hand bent iron base wine serving table

Beginning with some pieces of reclaimed pine I created the iron base with hand bent iron round iron.  It serves as a wine serving table that holds 2 of your favorite bottles of wine in the base coils. This art piece has been SOLD.  Cam would be happy to create something similiar for you, please […]


STIX Sculptural Coat Rack

My STIX Sculptural Coat Rack has found a new home to hold the coats, bag and umbrella’s of many fine people in a law office in Toronto, Ontario. The inspiration for the STIX Coat rack came when I was thinking of a coat rack design that would be a sculpture on it’s own and could […]


BENT Iron Art Pigeon Lake Commission

Here is my BENT artisan railing design used inside and outside a cabin at Pigeon Lake Alberta.  The client commissioned the BENT Iron Art railings for the interior first and once they where installed the exterior iron art was created for railings around the deck.     Exterior Deck Save Save Save Save Save Save


Iron Art wine console table with reclaimed whiskey barrel top

This entire table was created from reclaimed wood and iron.  The top was a discarded whiskey barrel lid from a vendor at a farmers market in Calgary.  The iron was scrap pieces that where laying around my studio. This art piece has been SOLD.  Cam would be happy to create something for you, please contact […]