Warranty of Architectural Sculpture

With the application of the quality grade of powder coating used on our architectural ironwork and sculptures the powder coating is warranted for a period of five (5) years against corrosion, rusting, tearing, blistering or cracking under normal and proper usage.

There are no other expressed warranties. This warranty applies only to defects from normal usage and shall not apply if failure is caused by acts of God, or by riots, civil commotion, accident, deliberate, explosion, abnormally harsh environments including, but not limited to natural and/or manufactured chemicals (salt, sodium, sulphur, etc.), or causes beyond their control. 

Reimbursements for the costs of removal and/or erection/installation of any defective coated material are not included nor implied and we will not provide any such service. Warranty is for replacement or repair of coating only. This warranty is not transferable beyond original purchaser and end user.