Iron Stair Railing Anson Project

These iron stair railing pieces were created for a client in the Spring of 2019.

My client chose a square tube for the top rail and a flat steel bottom rail. The purpose of this was to have a substantial looking top rail that would attach to the wood posts and wall. The flat bottom rail sections had holes drilled into the bottom rail after the design was laid out to screw it to the wood trim along the floor.

Anson Project Iron Stair Railing

The process for my client was simple from beginning to end. I was provided both the height and length measurement and then created my BENT Iron Stair railing design for them. Once it was created it was finished in a powder coat finish and delivered to their home. The client had installed their posts and wood trim and then installed my BENT Iron Stair railing themselves easily.

My Creation Process

As you can see in the image, each piece of metal art railing is laid out with no preset pattern so that no 2 pieces are the same. The BENT Iron Art design is made from solid half inch steel that is hand bent cold and through layers of welding and grinding the section becomes one whole functional art piece. This is the uniqueness of my BENT Iron Art Railing, no projects are ever the same since no two railing sections are ever the exact same.

Once all the iron art work is done it is sent to be powder coated. The powder coating process gives it a beautiful durable finish that stands the test of time.


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