3 easy steps to transform your deck

Here are 3 easy steps to transform your deck to take it from Ho-Hum to Oh-Wow.

1 – Clean the Decking

One of the ultimate ways to makeover a deck is a good cleaning. Apply a good quality deck cleaner and then use a power sprayer with a fan style tip on a low to medium pressure so you don’t damage your wood deck. Spray in the direction of the wood grain keeping the wand tip about 1 to 1 1/2 feet away from the surface of the wood.

If you’re planning on staining or applying a coat of deck sealant afterward ensure your wood has dried in the hot sun for a while before applying stain or sealant to ensure it looks great and will last for decades.

2 – Add Solar Lighting

deck lighting

Adding solar lighting is a great way to make your deck come alive after dark. Solar lights generate and store their own power in the day and release it a night. After a full charge they can last from 4-6 hours. They give off a warm soothing glow and add a elegant feel to you deck living space.

A great thing is that there are no wires to plug in so you can hang the lights where you want them and not be tied to a wall plug. Try hanging them from trellises, gazebos, railings or nearby trees.

3 – Add Unique Railing

Railing is about safety and it can also transform your deck in a powerful way by adding a look that reflects your personal style and home decor. Railings must be 36” to 42″ in height which gives you lots of room to have a design that makes you say Oh-Wow!

Install new posts if you need to, we recommend a red cedar as it has it’s own natural way to weather the elements over time.

BENT Iron Art Railing by Cam Harris
Pine Lake Project, Alberta, Canada

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